Review of IVG Berry Medley
The berry medley when first open smells really good strong dark fruit smell on the finger test same thing dark fruits a blackcurrant and a tangy raspberry very nice. I’m trying this with a new coil in Ofrf nexmesh tank so 100% I will get a good true flavour. First thoughts omg how nice is this really fruity it’s not overly sweet just right so won’t be a coil killer thankfully on the inhale you get a dark fruit taste with sweetness of raspberry and apple but on the exhale I’m just tasting the blackcurrant and apple. I’m really surprised there’s no blueberry’s in it as it has the sweetness of blueberry. All in all I rate this a definite 9.9 out of 10 the only reason I knocked it down that bit is it would have been nice with another dark fruit with the blackcurrant.

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