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Vaping really should be a way for people who smoke to give up that terrible habit. Some people take up vaping just for the fun of it, but that's not my advice. Some people will say that vaping is just replacing one addiction for another? Well, that may be true, but one is allot safer than the other. 

By that I mean, various scientific studies have shown that vaping is considerably less harmful than actually smoking cigarettes. So if I can give up one terrible addiction, and in the process pick up a very less harmful addiction, it's not so bad. Well again that's my opinion, and I'm sure there will be many that disagree, but we are not here to debate this.

I'm here to tell you what I feel is the best way to give up smoking and using the vaping route to do that, and what options are available out there. Also, I am an ex-smoker and managed to give up smoking through vaping. So allot of what I am saying is from a personal journey that I have travelled on, and am sharing with others. 

Vaping devices have come a long way from the very basic cigarette looking ones that first came out several years ago. Nowadays we have a huge selection to choose from. So where do you start?

The original E-Cig Vape devices

Let's start by seeing what different types of devices we have available. The most basic and easiest devices out there, are what are known as "Closed Pod" systems. These are devices where you don't need to refill the liquids yourself. You just buy pods that have liquid already in them, attach those pods to the device and start puffing away. Very nice and simple. Maintenance on these devices is also very simple. All you need to do is charge them up, and change the pods when the liquid runs out. That's it. Good examples of these types of vape are Juul and Vype E-Pod system, so start by having a look at those. 

Which device do I choose?

Moving on from these types of devices, we have a whole range of entry-level products. These are vape devices where you would need to buy your own e-liquid to refill the device with but the device its self is very simple to use. These types of vape models would not have the ability to change the power of the device and are normally quite limited in their ability to adjust any settings. A great example of this device is the Aspire PockeX, which is probably one of our best selling vape devices.

Another point to add about these types of devices is that they will need their 'coils' changed. Coils or some times referred to as atomisers. These are what contain the heating element and the cotton around it to hold the e-liquid. They are not as complicated as they sound, and more and more devices now have a very easy way of changing them. When do you change them I hear you ask? Well, that depends on person to person. There are too many variables to define a specified time in which to change the coil. Those variables are the type of e-liquid you use, the nicotine strength, the sweetness of the juice and so on. Then other factors like how you vape, long pulls or short ones. Do you chain vape, whereby giving very little time for the juice to fill up again and making the coil last less longer?

So you can see there is no way to define when to change the coil on a time basis, but trust me, you will know when to change the coil. When the coil has got to its last legs, the taste will be extremely burnt. It is horrid!!! Very similar to taking a vape on an empty tank!!! Not very nice at all. This is something we want to avoid at all costs. This burnt flavour will get there slowly (unless you try to vape on an empty tank) so once you realise the flavour is not as nice as it can be or once was, this is a good indication that the coil has seen better days and needs to be changed.

So many to choose from......

Again everyone can be very different about this point, some vape till the coil is really bad. That's not my advice, or what I do. Flavour to me is everything when vaping. fresher the coil, the better the flavour. The choice is yours. Maintenance on these devices is changing the coils and charging the device. You could sometimes clean the storage area for the liquid, but the easiness of this would depend on each device. 

This brings us to the final area of vaping devices. And it's a big area this one. Here I'm talking about Variable Wattage Mods, Tanks, RDA's and the whole rebuilding saga.

This area of vaping, there can be very high priced products, to the very technical. It's not for everybody, and it also shouldn't be for everybody, and I will explain why a little later on. I'll start by getting some of the terms explained. MOD's what are these? This in its most basic terms is where the batteries will be stored and the mechanics of making that MOD work. More often than not there will be a screen, and that is where you will be able to adjust all the settings. The main one being the Wattage. This is the power that you will fire it up to set the Tank going. What's the Tank? That's where your liquid is going be with the coil to get the vape going. Now there are many different types of Mods and Tanks available. Some Mods need 1,2 or even 3 batteries to work, some tanks need very high wattage Mods to make them work.

And then there is everything in between. And the choice is vast. And it doesn't stop there. It gets even more complicated. You can have tanks, whereby you make your own coils and then wick them yourself as well. Yes, you can do that, and customise your vape to exactly how you would want it. And sure you can create some amazing vape by doing it like this, but unless you know what you are doing, it can be dangerous.

Happy vaping

And this is why I said earlier its not for everybody. This type of vaping is for people who are familiar with terms like Ohms Law and so on, and if you are not familiar with this it can be risky. Sorry, I'm not trying to scare anyone, but you need to know what you are getting into. This is a very good point to mention, that many of the 'vape horror stories' we hear are often related to this area of rebuilding coils wrong, and mismanagement of the special 18650 batteries. Meaning that it was because of people not knowing what they were doing, that things went wrong, as they so often do in those circumstances. 

For 99% of us vapers, these horror stories are just stories. Many of these more advanced Mod's these days are not very complicated to use, and the only setting most of us are interested in is the wattage. The wattage will be determined from what is displayed on the coil that we are going to use. More often than not, the coil will display the wattage range that it works in, eg 40-80 watts, and then a certain range like 60-70 is where it will work best. The difference in the wattages makes a difference to the flavour. So for example at a certain wattage, you might get more of a certain flavour and at another wattage, it will be of another flavour. The only way to know where you like is by experimenting and testing the different wattages available to you, and seeing what's making you feel is the perfect taste.

Now the above-mentioned wattages are for a pre-built coil. These are coils that are already bound in cotton and ready to go, with advice on the side as to what the wattages should be. When you build your coils and get that wrong, that's where many of the horror stories occur, and hence knowledge in Ohm's law and such is very imperative. If you don't know get to know, otherwise leave it for the experts. 

Maybe I have jumped a little too much in the deep end with all these rebuilding's of coils and such. This last range of vape devices doesn't just need to be about making the bits yourself. There is an array of vape kits, that come as a package and offer some amazing choices to choose from. These are Mods that come with their respective tanks with a few coils to get you going.

These types of devices are where the bulk of sales happen when people are buying a more advanced setup. Another way that people buy their setups is by getting a certain Mod that they like, and then finding a different tank maybe even from a different manufacturer and using those two together. Again the options available for these types is more or less infinite with the range of Mods and Tanks now available. 

 So, hopefully, I have given you a feast of information to feed on. Some of which may have not been useful, but I hope it helps in giving you a starting point about the Vaping world. In conclusion, I think that when starting to buying your first vape device, don't focus too much on the technical side of it. Your first mission is to find a device that is going to help you stop smoking. Start with the more simple devices like the Aspire PockeX, not so expensive and work well.

Also if you find that one of these devices is not working great for you, it won't hurt soo much in trying another device, as your initial outlay has been quite low. Once you have got accustomed to vaping, then try out the more advanced systems and see where takes you. I always explain to my customers that it can be a gamble in buying an expensive set up as a starter kit, especially if you don't like it or find it too technical and then don't use it.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding about vape now

 Well, this brings my first blog to an end, if I have missed anything or maybe not explained properly or correctly, then please send me an email raz@ezcloudz.co.uk and we can help or rectify. Also if there are any vaping areas that you would wish my next blog to be about then please email me at the above the address. 

 Peace & Love





Vape Kit UK

Vape Kit UK

It is really a great work and the way in which you are sharing the knowledge is excellent. Thanks for your informative article



I’m really grateful to this blog,I finally can say that I quit smoking!
This blog its really be motivating,and it helps me a lot,to reach that goal!
I just basically quit after 25 years!
I found vape much more light,more tasty more interesting,and I can feel kind free now!
With vapes I even recovered smell and taste!!
Thank you EZclouds

Az Dinata

Az Dinata

Raz is the perfect mentor to stopping smoking; I was a life-long smoker until I met him and he has guided me over the last six years – I switched from smoking to vaping over one weekend in 2014 – and I’ve never looked back. No more smokers’ cough, smelly breath, smelly clothes and smelly hair! Plus, the variety of vape flavours is endless; and if you tell Raz what your usual taste preferences are, he can save you loads of disappointment, time and money by selecting juices that he has already tried and tested. I’ve been to most vape shops in Central, West and South London and EZ Clouds is without a doubt the best – highly recommended.

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